We have had a couple of our customers asking us to explain the chaos defrost program and when to use it.

The CHAOS theory principle is used in Auto weight defrost programs to give you a quick and more even defrost. The CHAOS system uses a random sequence of pulsing microwave energy which speeds up the defrosting process and produces very even defrosting. With this feature you can defrost frozen foods from the categories below by entering the weight.. Chaos defrost or Auto weight defrost has 3 categories.


1) Bread – Bread and bread rolls

2) Meat Items – Small pieces of meat, e.g. minced meat, chicken portions, steaks, chops

3) Meat Joints – eg Whole chickens, joints

Food should be placed in a suitable dish. Select the category and set the weight of the food. The weight starts from a minimum weight for each category. The machine will beep to tell you to stir or break up the food during the program.

For foods not listed in the categories use the defrost mode found on your microwave power pad. Please refer to guidelines in the book for defrosting times.

The Kitchen Team